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Zafar "Zaf" Tahir

Zaf's 2020 Bio.jpg

Mr. Tahir serves as Commissioner for Houston Planning and Houston Airports. Mr. Tahir has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cullen College (’84) and an MBA from Bauer (’99,) both at UH, and a J.D. from Thurgood Marshall (2013.) He is licensed in State of Texas as an Attorney and as a Professional Engineer (Inactive status). 

He is married to Yasmeen who works for Northwestern Mutual Life. They have two boys - Emad works for PWC as an Accountant and Farhad works for Shell in procurement. Tahir became a business owner in 1996. He was in gasoline business with Exxon, Phillips 66, Mobil, and Conocophillips from 1996-2012. Mr. Tahir served as President of Trade group called “STADA” South Texas Area Dealers Association, that took Exxon to Federal court and 5th Circuit appeal court and won in 1999 (Mathis v. Exxon) for the gasoline dealers.  

Tahir also owned Taji Controls & Instrumentation from 1996-2009, an engineering & technology consultancy. Tahir served as President of ISDI, an international development & consultancy firm on various projects in South Asia and the Middle East (2004-9.) Currently Mr. Tahir has a consulting and Legal practice in Houston, that focuses on Personal injury, Family Law, Business litigation, Criminal defense, International work and development & engineering related activities.

Mr. Tahir serves on the Board of UH Bauer College of Business. He is a founding Board Member of Islamic Arts Society and serves as the Chair of Islamic Society of Greater Houston’s Government & Public Affairs. He is also a founding Board Member of YOUR HOUSTON a non-profit Houston region advocacy group. In the past Mr. Tahir has served on the Boards of Asia Society and The Crime Stoppers.

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